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U2 Appears on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘The Tonight Show’
Jimmy Fallon's show always seems to have some great musical acts, so it's no surprise that we're seeing U2 joining the tier of artists Fallon has brought on. Inside you can see some video footage from the show of the performances.
Pee Wee Herman Narrates The Trailer For “The Dark Knight Rises”
Man, what a hilariously simple idea.  Just get Pee Wee Herman to narrate a serious movies trailer.  Jimmy Fallon had Pee Wee Herman do just that and it's 30 seconds of hilarity that you'll watch over and over and show with all your friends.  Click through for the results.
Jimmy Fallon’s Got The Laughs
In the old days, the Beatles and Stones would release singles, then they'd gather up the singles and that would be the "album".  Basically every full length 'album' was a 'greatest hits' album.  This is kind of the the tact with the new comedy pro…

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