Watch Toronto’s Batman Freak Out Pedestrians
Batman will generally only don his bat-suit when there is crime that needs to be fought. However, there is another caped crusader — Toronto Batman — who has no problem slipping into the iconic costume just because he wants to enjoy a night on the town.
Now We’ve Got “Robocalls” By The Balls! [AUDIO]
This just might be some good news for you. We may have another tool to fight the telemarketers with.  But even when the RockShow is trying to give you the good news, things can go a bit sideways. Details after the jump.
Want To Know What the Color of Your Urine Means?
Ah, the Boy Scouts. Where a young man can learn how to use a knife, how to start a fire, and how to diagnose how dehydrated he is from looking at his pee.
This chart from the Boy Scouts of America is actually fairly useful. The short answer to the question of “what your pee is telling me&Clo…
8 Hottest Professional Female Skiers on the Planet
There’s something special, and undeniably sexy, about a woman who can tear it up on the slopes. However, the women on this list do a heck of a lot more than simply “tear it up.” These women are setting world records, winning Olympic gold, and taking to the…
Where’s That “Special Sauce” Coming From? [AUDIO]
A man who has fathered a bunch of kids as a sperm donor is claiming to be a virgin.  Is this a good thing, or are you just breeding a tribe of geeks?  Do you want "unmixed" baby batter or do you want the fresh kind?  I have no freakin' idea, Heathen has the stor…
Should Babies Be Allowed To Be Rock Climbers? [AUDIO]
Every once in a while a story will come along that will get you "hot under the collar". This one got us so mad it was a little hard to speak.  When we got over that frustration we started making inappropriate jokes.  All in all, this one will send you on an emotional roll…

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