The T.S.A. Rakes In Forgotten Coins
Do you want something from a snack machine?  Maybe you need to do a load of laundry?  USA Today is reporting that the T.S.A. raked in about $410,000.00 in forgotten change. People are just forgetting their "jingle-jangle" after passing through the metal detectors.  Officials with the T.S.A…
The Coolest Pool Ever [VIDEO]
How about a "drown proof" pool.  When this pool isn't it use, people don't even know you HAVE a pool. Basically the bottom of the pool comes up to the top when you're not using it.  Not only that, but you can have it come up different heights for different …
What Happens to Unredeemed Gift Cards?
The holidays may be over, but chances are you’ve got a constant reminder: a gift card. Gift cards are always a popular choice for holiday gifts, so you’d think more of them would actually be redeemed — but experts believe at least $2 billion worth of the cards g…
Get Pumped With Porn [AUDIO]
This one almost comes off as a "no duh" when you think about it.  If you're tired of supplements, if you're just not getting results with your workout...try PORN!

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