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Looking for a job?

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5 Simple Ways Introverts Can Get Noticed at Work
Experts will tell you that introverts are great leaders, yet it still seems like we live in a world designed to revere extroverts, especially in the workplace. If you know the right steps, and your own value as an introvert, you can make the office a comfortable place for you to grow and succee…
Wound Care Center FAQs
Have questions for the Southwest Regional Wound Care Center experts?  Check here and if no luck, try their site.
What do I need to bring when I visit the Wound Care Center?
On the first visit, you will need to bring your insurance card and a list of any medications you are currently taking...
Meet Dr. Wolcott and the Wound Care Staff
Dr. Wolcott began his wound care practice over 11 years ago and has been practicing medicine for 28 years. He is passionate about healing his patients, which has resulted in his quest for the best medical advances in wound care. His personal research at the Wound Care Center’s own Research and Testi…

Watch these videos to hear what satisfied patients have to say about Southwest Regional Wound Care Center:
Why They’re Unique
Our Heart is in Healing

The clinic, along with Medical Biofilm Research Institute (MBRi), has produced some of the most important and pioneering research in wound care over the last decade. Their scientists have developed molecular diagnostics that are now being used by physicians around the country …