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Is It Spring Yet?
For those of us who live in Lubbock, it means the crazy weather continues until June.
Today Is Lemonade Day In Lubbock
As parents, we are always looking for ways to spend time with our kids and teach them about life... at least until they hit about 11 and then they seem to know everything about life and are embarrassed as hell too be seen with us in public unless they need something.
Attempted Streaker Adds To Lubbock’s Negative Claims To Fame [VIDEO]
Can someone please help me out here, Lubbock has some really good things going for it, but for some reason our fair city rarely if ever makes national news for the positive things that happen here. Let's not forget Buddy Holly, the outstanding burn center at UMC, the number of people who gradua…
Driving With Driver, Daily Gas Prices From Around Lubbock, Texas
Good afternoon guys! I hope you all are having a great afternoon! I know you all are waiting to get gas untill after you hear the daily gas update from me, lol....
So, here it is folks.... Like I told you all yesterday it seems that the same stations have the lowest prices pretty much everyday...