Washington State Holds Its First Legal Weed Auction
We are living in INSANE times, my friends. This is going on on the West Coast while the same thing could get you thrown in jail for life here. That, in a nutshell, is the stupidity of American politics. Let's not get too far off track here and instead look at giant bags of weed.
Your One Stop For All Your Marijuana Recipies
I don't smoke weed and don't plan on it.  Oh, given the opportunity to "take" some, I just might, but I won't "smoke" it.  I smoked cigarettes for many, many years.  I was well over two packs a day and I just can't put anything e…
Experience Hillbilly Pot Rock With “The Hicks” [VIDEO]
This is some HILLBILLY stuff!  It incorporates elements of folk, bluegrass and reminds me a bit of the Grateful Dead.  This is pro-pot music and is not for everybody.  In fact, the guys are apparently so stoned that they didn't notice that two of the videos are basically the same thing (flashing bac…
Bring Me A Shrubbery
Next time you visit grandma and grandpa you might want advise them not to buy "pretty plants"from a dude selling them out of the trunk of his car. If it's too late and they have bought plants from anyone other than a reputable nursery, you might want to check their garden and make sur…
There Is One War The U.S. Should Stop Immediately.
There are horrible things happening in Syria.  People are being killed an imprisoned by the government.  Across the world people are wondering if world powers should step in.  It may be a little less violent, but the same thing happens every day in America.
Pot-Based Prescription Drug Seek FDA Approval
Only a small number of states currently have laws on the books allowing medical marijuana, but help may be on the horizon for patients in other states who could benefit from the ingredients in cannabis plants — clinical trials are currently underway for the world’s first pharma…
White House Respondents Want Weed [AUDIO]
I really like this story even though there is very little comedy to it. It shows what happens when you give people a voice and a direct line to the government.  More after the jump.

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