Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet Streams New Material
After reworking the latest album, the band decided to get even weirder and go over another past release. Check out a couple new streams from that reworked album right here.
Monster Magnet To Release A “Reimagined” Version Of Last Album
It's hard to find a Monster Magnet song, or album even, that isn't good. These dudes have been around since 1989 and just keep on rocking. The band is releasing an alternate version, so to speak, of their last effort along with some new tracks later on in November of this year.
Hard Media
I'm not necessarily old school, but when it comes to my favorite bands, I want the c.d. with case. After checking my local record store for a couple of titles, I had come up short (record stores seem to focus more on movies and video games than music these days). I then went over to Amazon, I boug…