my drunk kitchen

My Drunk Kitchen: Superbowl Snacks [VIDEO]
My girl Hanna Harto is back with another edition of "My Drunk Kitchen". What better time would there be to be drunk in the kitchen then on Superbowl Sunday? Hanna is getting smashing and cooking up "Pigs in a blanket" for the bash. More after the jump.
Make An Apple Pie For President’s Day [VIDEO]
I went back and got one of my favorite episodes of "My Drunk Kitchen" for you.  In it, the adorable Hanna Hart tries to make an apple pie for some holiday she calls "America Day".  I thought it might be good for President's day as well.  Check …
“My Drunk Kitchen” Makes Meat Pie [VIDEO]
I loves me some Hanna Hart. "Harto" slams back buckets of wine will attempting to cook.  That's all you really need to know about this killer web series.  I love that she gets the same "one eye closed" drunk that I get.  Shes a doll faced baby …