Miami Heat Take Game Two Of Finals
Lebron James bounced back from his ailments in Game 1 and put on a show in San Antonio Sunday night. The Miami Heat had the edge when they needed it, and after a 98-96 victory, it's time for this series to move to Miami.
Round Two Of NBA Playoffs Set
After 50, yes 50, first round playoff games, we now have eight teams ready to do battle in the second round. Check out the match ups and who I think has the spunk to go all the way here.
Heat Win Thriller In OT Force Game 7
When the 2013 playoffs got underway, I pulled for any team that was matched up against the Heat and Spurs. I was wanting to see two fresh teams teams play for the NBA Championship. After these last six games of the 2013 NBA Finals; I'm glad that didn't happen
San Antonio Spanks The Heat In Game 3 Of The NBA Finals
After getting blown out in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, The San Antonio Spurs returned home after a three week absence and laid the serious wood to the Miami Heat 113-77. The 36 point win is the third largest margin of victory in a NBA Finals.

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