What Is Your Spanking Nick-Name [NSFW?]
Okay, I don't know how we came up with this concept, but we thought, "what if people had an alter-ego when they play with themselves?".  You know, like Superman was Clark Kent when he fought crime, so who would you be when you're uh.....enjoying yourself?
Batman’s “Evolution” From The 60’s To Now [VIDEO]
In my humble opinion there still hasn't been a truly great Batman movie. The second one in the new series was VERY good, but it was the Joker that was awesome, not the Batman. I'm just of the opinion that a Batman movie should be a lot like "The Crow". Batman doesn't…
Texas Tech will be using propane cannons to scare off birds.  They want you to know this because the sound of repeated explosions tends to make some people, as well as the birds, fill their undies.   I find it amusing that firing cannons, even of air, is called a "bird reloca…
Do Not Ever Pay A Minor Fee At Concerts
I have to tell you that I am absolutely livid right now.  The promoter(s) behind the Asking Alexandria show (also known as the FMX Spring Breakdown) took it upon themselves to take you concert goers hostage with a "minor fee".  Now, I recognize the rationale  for a "minor fee" at…
Put. Down. Your. Phone.
I was in a restaurant the other day and it occurred to me that restaurants must love smartphones.  Everybody orders, then goes into their little worlds until the orders arrive. It probably gives the people a little more time before people start getting mad about waiting.
The Dominoes Of Common Sense Are Falling
I tend to write about the same things a bit because they're my interests.  Sounds simple, doesn't it?  Well I'm not going to all of a sudden write about logging or China or bees because I'm don't know much about them.  Now, when I get a feeling that something is very wrong or very right, then it's t…
The Pretty Wreckless And The Gorgeous Butt [PIC]
It's awesome that The Pretty Wreckless came out with a great track. We are totally into "Heaven Knows" and have heard other great tracks on the album as well.  In fact we've been aware of the band and sexy singer Taylor Momsen as well.  All of this makes us feel a little less pervy when ob…
RockShow Quickies: [PIX]
Well look what just moseyed up to your front porch,   It's RockShow Quickies!  It's just a big wheelbarrow full of funny being dumped all over your feet.
RockShow Quickies: [PIX]
Who's ready for some fun?  Well we are too.  Welcome to the place where the bowels of the internet dump funny on your chest!  It's RockShow Quickies!
RockShow Quickies: [PIX]
It's another week of RockShow Quickies. I'm a day late posting these and I feel bad. I could have put a smile on someones face for a full seven days and now I post it with reluctance knowing the people will only be served for six days.  Oh, despair!

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