The RockShow Big One: Don’t Shove Fireworks In Your Rear
Now some of you are saying 'duh' right now, but remember, this wouldn't be a topic if someone hadn't done it already.  Yes we have a boy genius who looked at some firecrackers, looked at his butthole, looked back at the firecrackers and went "wow, these would fit ri…
RockShow: Woman Displays Scrotum Busting Strength!
Tell me one thing, who doesn't love a good 'scrotum ripping' story?  They're are simply the best!  Holy cow, can you even imagine?  I know, YOU DON'T WANT TO IMAGINE.  This evil little story and a couple more after the jump.
Woman Surprises “Tidy” Burglar [AUDIO]
I don't have to tell you that burglars are creepy. It's got to be on everyones list of fears that they're in the house with some kind of intruder.  You just don't know if they want to steal your stuff or put a potato in your butt (you just don't know with these potato b…