They’re Back…NFL, Real Refs Reach Agreement
You knew after Monday nights game between the Packers and Seahawks, that it wouldn't be long before NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell got something done. Even he had to be embarrassed with the way $2 replacement referees were turning the NFL's $12 billion industry into a joke.
FMX Throws Down For Monday Night Football At Hooters: Week 3
Monday nights, FMX and Hooters have it going on for football, beer and the wings. We have gone old school and busted out the classic FMX finger goal kicking contest and Hooters does the Monday night blitz, offering up all-you-can-eat nearly world famous boneless wings, and ice cold beers served up b…
Smokin’ Poll: What’s Your Favorite NFL Team?
We know there's a lot of Cowboys fans in Lubbock, and for some reason there seems to be an abundance of Steeler's fans as well.  I don't follow much anymore, but I used to be a Chargers fan.  More after the jump.
I Am So Ready For Some Football!
It's been a long hot summer, the Olympics were awesome, and it was great to see so many talented young people representing the United States in so many events. I have to say one of the best sights for me was seeing Michael Phelps SMOKE Tyler Clary! You may not remember Clary by his performance …

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