What Do Fat Amy And My Woody Have In Common
Any of you who have ever read any of my posts here during football season know I live in a house divide, I am a die hard Tennessee Titans fan and Woody is a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
Clearly The NFL Is Not Run By A Woman [ VIDEO]
It should come as no surprise to any of you who know me that I am a huge football fan and I love this time of year! I don't care if it's high school, college, preseason or just watching classic games on NFL Network, I just love football!
NFL Pro Bowl Gets Makeover
The past couple of years, the Pro Bowl has undoubtedly lost its luster, so the league took it upon itself to make some very necessary and worthwhile changes.
Your Summertime NFL And NCAA Football Preview
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I know you're as ready as I am to get the football season kicked off, so let's take a moment to discuss who I'll be watching and who I think the biggest contenders for this season are in both the NFL and NCAA.
Must See: Detroit Lions Sign “Kickalicious” Kicker [VIDEO]
We all see viral videos everyday, heck, I talk about them at least once a week. The cool thing about those kinds of videos is not only are they entertaining for us to watch, but in some cases the people featured in them have careers come from simply putting a video online.

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