The Truth About Zombies [VIDEO]
I'm pretty excited about this book. Much like "World War Z" and the "Zombie Survival Guide" the "Zombie Autopsies" treats Zombies with a bit more of a scientific tact. Read more after the jump.
Nightmare On Elm Street [VIDEO]
I hadn't heard a single positive review about the new "Nightmare On Elm Street", so I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I really don't know what people were expecting, but it's a very good horror movie. Read more after the break.
30 Days Of Night Dark Days [VIDEO]
I loved 30 Days of Night for making Vampires scary again, and I love the sequel: 30 Days of Night-Dark Days. Most sequels just tell the first story over (like NEW teenager face Freddy). This sequel is it's predecessors equal!
I Spit On Your Grave [VIDEO]
No, means no. That's pretty much the lesson here. This is a remake of what was once considered the "most controversial movie of all time". Read more and check out the trailer after the break.
My Soul To Take
There's actually a couple of horror films hitting dvd this Tuesday, but I'm just not interested in "Paranormal Activity 2". On the other hand, anything with a "Wes Craven" stamp is good by me. Check out this trailer. Then check out the PA2 trailer aft…