Texas Chainsaw 3D-Thrilling & Fullfilling
I rarely make it out to the theaters and I rarely bother with the 3d. I don't need cheap effects to help me enjoy a show.  I made two big exceptions and made my way out to see Texas Chainsaw and I'm really glad I did.  More after the jump.
Check Out The Trailer For “Black Rock” Here [VIDEO]
I can't tell if this is going to be good or bad.  I can tell you that I recently dialed up "A Good Old Fashion Orgy" and I enjoyed Lake Bell in it so much I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.  It's three girls on an island....with hunters! More …
Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters Trailer [VIDEO]
If I was a studio exec and somebody brought this concept to me, I would have laughed them out of the office. Thanks goodness I'm not in charge because this looks FUN! It's obviously way over the top with steam punk weapons, scaly witch and action movie cliches. More after the jump.
New Evil Dead Red Band Trailer [VIDEO]
What's scary? Evil. What's scarier? The Dead. What's the scariest? Why that would be the Evil Dead. The poster for this reimagining of the class promises "the Most Terrifying Film You Will Ever Experience". More after the jump.
Get More “Walking Dead” Here [VIDEO]
These are some MUST SEE webisodes of "The Walking Dead". That's what's kind of cool about tho whole thing, on t.v. you're only seeing/hearing about selected groups, if it was real life there would be small pockets of people all over facing the same challenges. There are four HIGHLY suspens…
Are You Ready For “Texas Chainsaw 3D”
I love the new "New Years" commercial for Texas Chainsaw 3d. The movie looks like its going to fit in well with the others and the creepy "should old acquaintances be forgot" in the background really works. The ladies in the move look hot too! More after the jump.
Check Into The “Bates Motel” This March
Some of you are far too young to remember "Psycho" or any of it's sequels and remakes of varying qualities. Basically "Psycho" was a prototype for many horror movies and now we have a near complete re-imagining of Norman Bates and his mother.  More after…
Add The “Odd Thomas” Series To Your Reading List
With the Walking Dead blowing up on TV, a lot of people are going back and checking out the graphic novels (just a tip, they're almost two different stories).  Now, if you want to get ahead of the game, check out some of the "Odd Thomas" books ahead of the movie adaptatio…
Get Ready For The Big Monsters Of “Pacfic Rim”
Pacific Rim is hoping to be the "giant monster movie" of 2013.  And by that I mean, movie with "GIANT MONSTERS".  The story is simple, giant monsters emerge from the sea and people driving/controlling robots have to smack 'em down.  It sounds l…

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