World War Z May Be One Of Three!
I read a book called "The Zombie Survival Guide" that was an excellent parody of a cold war survival manual. The book, by Max Brooks portrayed "zombieism" as a real thing and dealt with why bodies reantimate, why zombies are "hungry", what happens to zombies that eat to…
Cold Fish [Trailer/Review]
Yeah, I'm back on Netflix, barely. As you may know most of the stuff on the streaming service is horribly old and/or crappy. I accidentally signed back up when I thought they had some episodes of "Sons Of Anarchy" that I was missing. I still refuse the DVD by mail thing; with my bluray hoo…
Piranha 3DD Is Great Fun [VIDEO]
Piranha was a GREAT horror comedy. It knew exactly what it was, who its audience was and what was expected of it.  It delivered on every single count, all the way down to the surprise ending.  Now we have Piranha 3DD on the way with more of what you were waiting for. Check out the video af…
The Walking Dead Will Return in 2012
AMC announced today that they have renewed "The Walking Dead" for a third season. So where does the story go from here?  Read more (without spoilers) after the break.
The Trailer For ‘The Thing’ is Here [VIDEO]
I don't know why this movie is called "The Thing."  It is supposedly a "prequel" to the 1982 movie "The Thing" starring Kurt Russell. I guess "The Thing Before The Thing" was just too much to put on a marquee.
“Nightmare On 19th Street” For Newbies
Nightmare on 19th Street is three-plus "haunted attractions" but that's just the surface. We put this event/attraction together in order to bring something "cool" to Lubbock and we think we've succeeded.

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