Hellraiser: Revelations Trailer Has Arrived [VIDEO]
Pinhead is back. The only problem with that is that Pinhead is back. I am one of the ultimate horror fans and I've never met a "Hellraiser" movie that I've liked.  This one may not change my mind.  Check out more and the video after the jump.
Ghost Encounters Trailer [VIDEO]
I don't understand why everybody watches all of those ghost hunting shows. The most they ever come up with is a 'creak' sound or something. This movie shows what I WISH would happen.  Read more after the break.
This Halloween Brings You The Return Of “The Thing” [VIDEO]
I was just blogging about leaving things alone.  One of those things is buried stuff.  If it ain't treasure-leave it alone.  It could be some kind of soul-sucking alien cloning thing that will steal your shape and kill your friends.  LEAVE BURIED SH@T BURIED!  Read more…
Want To See Keira Knightley Topless? [VIDEO]
Two years before "Pirates Of The Caribbean" , a young Keira Knightley starred in a pretty cool suspense thriller called "The Hole".  I had no idea she was about to show the moneymakers.  Yeow!  Read more after the break.

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