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Papa Roach And The Make A Wish Foundation
When people think of rock stars they usually think of people who live a life of excess, excess, drugs, excess drinking, excess groupies, in general terms excess of all things bad. In the case of the guys of Papa Roach, the times of excess partying have passed and given way to a positive form of exce…
Papa Roach Rocks The Range [VIDEO]
For those of you who made it out to the FMX Purple Party, you already have an idea just how awesome it is to attend a music festival. For those of you who missed it, shame on you. However, I am pretty sure it is safe to say you will get another shot before too long.
Papa Roach Offers A Free Download Of A New Song [AUDIO]
Last Wednesday, Papa Roach posted a status update on both their Facebook and Twitter accounts telling fans that when they reached four million likes on their Facebook page they would release a new song that did not make the new CD The Connection.
Papa Roach Backstage In Lubbock [PIX]
Here's some pix of Papa Roach backstage in Lubbock. You know what's fun to do? Click through the pictures real fast and it's almost animated. Watch Jacoby's face get squnchy and unsqunchy, it's a hoot for the whole family. Click through for a galley of the pix.

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