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The Real Five: The Black Crowes [VIDEO]
Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes announced the end of the band this week halting a 24 year long career.  It seems to all be a fight over royalties and business with this brother Chris. It looks to be a sad, bitter end for a band that made many people happy. In honor of them packing it in, I ha…
The Real Five: Marilyn Manson [VIDEO]
Marilyn Manson celebrates his 45th birthday today. No longer a skinny weirdo, Manson now looks huskier and even more capable of violence (no doubt due in part to his role on Sons Of Anarchy). I've always been a Manson fan and I've got his top five videos for ya!
The Real Five: Static-X [VIDEO]
The "Real Five" is back. It's the top five "most played" tracks, today featuring Static-X. As you may have heard we lost Wayne Static this weekend, so we'll take this opportunity to list the top five tracks from the band.
The Real Five: Social Distortion [VIDEO]
In advance of tonight's show at the Pavilion, I have another "Real Five" for you.  The Real Five is distinctive because it features the five MOST PLAYED tracks on the radio.  You may think some tracks are better or may even be disappointed that one of your favorites …
The Real Five: Rob Zombie [VIDEO]
The concept of "The Real Five" is simple, it's the five most played tracks from an artist.  We're not putting any points in for "art" or "taste" this list is about pure plays.
The Real Five: Chevelle [VIDEO]
Chevelle returns to the Hub on July15th.  Here's an opportunity to check out the best of the best to get pumped for the show.  Once again there's no "critic" element in this list. This is the top 5 MOST PLAYED tracks from Chevelle.
The Real Five: Ronnie James Dio [VIDEO]
Today would have been Ronnie James Dio's 71st birthday. Yeah, he was no spring chicken when he died at age 67.  Regardless of age he was a true metal god alongside the likes of Ozzy, Rob Halford and Lemmy (who is currently hospitalized).  In honor of his birthday I have the top 5 trac…
The Real Five: Black Stone Cherry [VIDEO]
I have always had a soft spot for southern rock.  I loved the Outlaws (Green Grass & HighTides), Skynyrd and (yeah, I feel bad about it) .38 Special.  I knew Driver was a bit the same way so when "Lonely Train" by Black Stone Cherry came through our door we were i…
The Real Five: Guns N’ Roses [VIDEO]
The "Real Five" is just that, the "real" top five most played tracks from a band on FMX.  Today, we look at Guns N' Roses.  It's not a super surprising list, but it's fun to check out:  More after the jump:
The Real Five: Three Days Grace [VIDEO]
The cool thing about "The Real Five" is it is indisputable. It's the top five most played tracks.  In the instance of today's artist, it proved me completely wrong.  Get "The Real Five" from Three Days Grace after the jump.
The Real Five: Bush [VIDEO]
It is time for the one and only INDISPUTABLE list.  The "Real Five" makes no claims of good, better or best, it is simple the most PLAYED tracks from an artist.  This is real math and it can often end up a little surprising.  Sometimes songs you like place in weird places just because of t…

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