Five Things Every Guy Should Know By The Time He Is Twenty One
With graduation season creeping up on us once again, I have been thinking about some of the things my mom made sure I knew how to do before I left for college. At the time, I did not understand how thankful I would be she taught me to do these things on my own, but once I was on my own, I finally re…
Amp Up Your Weekend “Drive”
Well folks the weekend is in full swing now. If you're one of the party types you are probably getting ready to hit the bars and see what sort of trouble you can get into. If you're the laid back stay at home type (OK, married), you are probably looking for ways to get lucky.
Ever Been Upstaged By A Baby? [VIDEO]
All you guys in bands know the girls always go for the guitar player or the singer. Drummers (sorry G money) and bass players, well you guys get to hang out with the dj's from the local radio stations and drink.
For The Love Of A Name [VIDEO]
Any of you remember the good old days when you met and dated people you actually knew, in person? These days you can't even watch TV without hearing about dating sites. And there seems to be a site for everyone, doesn't matter if you're over fifty, if you only date one race, or even i…
Russell Peters On Women [VIDEO]
Russell Peters is an awesome stand up comedian. If you haven't checked out his full length shows, then I suggest you pull some up (I think you can get some on Netflix or Epix). If you don't have either of those, have no fear, I've got a great clip for you after the break.

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