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Rock Show Bikini Babe [PICS]
Stacia from Ohh-La-Lattes dropped by to let us know how much she enjoys the Rock Show. This kind of visit is always welcome. Check out the full size pic and a fun video after the jump.
The Rock Show Ugly In 2D
Our friend Lynn Day has taken to drawing cartoons. He has captured both our looks and essence fairly well. Click through to see the picture featuring Roosters hairy cartoon butt.
Record Bass Caught
KCBD is reporting that a world record spotted bass has been pulled from Lake Alan Henry. The fish weighed in at 5.62 pounds. He will be getting a fiberglass trophy of his catch. Meanwhile the Creature From The Black Lagoon caught this smallish looking woman and is planning on throwing her back.
SPA Mixed Martial Arts Ring Girl Competition
The Rock Show's Heathen and Wes hosted the South Plains Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Ring Girl Competition  held at Bash Riprock's 2 Friday night (1-20-11).  Three rock bands including Somar, Fluid Frequency and Cleanly Ohm kept everyone entertained, but then, so did Heathen and Wes!  I'm just sayin' …
Rock Show Torture Tuesday #1
For those of you who have only heard Torture Tuesday, we will start reloading the episodes when we can.  After the jump, the origin of Torture Tuesday, "The Singapore Leg Whip".  For the record, it took two months before the knot went mostly away on Heathen.
Torture Tuesday
Tough guys, or stupid bastards?  The answer is yes.  Check out another Torture Tuesday after the jump.