Wes Nessman Gets His Payback [VIDEO/NSFW]
I have been posting some videos to my Instagram, where I have been trying my best to get under the skin of the boss Wes Nessman. Well I might of gone to the well to many times, but it wont stop me.
Rooster And His Gallbladder [VIDEO/NSFW]
Now here is the situation, I have had Gallbladder problems for over 3 years, and sometimes I get a Gall Bladder attack. My Gallbladder acts up because of all the junk I eat but I do have a home remedy that actually works. Now if you have a weak stomach or are offended by someone vomiting then DON&ap…
Blogging With Mike Driver [VIDEO/NSFW]
You already know that we are constantly blogging right here on and now I will give you an exclusive behind the scenes look at blogging with Mike Driver. And be warned Driver drops a pretty funny F Bomb at the end of this video.

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