Rush Readies R40 Box Set
It's astounding to believe and behold that Rush, one of the heralded bands in rock and the music industry in general, has been around for 40 years. A lot of you people reading this might not even be 40...
Rush’s Clockwork Angels Tour To Hit Silver Screen (VIDEO)
The Clockwork Angels tour that Rush has been on has been nothing short of amazing. With tons of dates and tons of people, plus plenty of tunes to choose from, this tour is one of the band's best. You can check out a performance of the tour in theaters soon.
Dave Grohl Jams With The Rolling Stones And Rocks Some Rush [VIDEO]
Evidently Dave Grohl is trying to jam with EVERYONE. Seriously this guy pops up on a more consistent basis than herpes. After doing the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame thing and playing dressed as Rush, he jammed with the stones. I have videos of both for you. More after the jump.

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