New Saliva Heading Our Way In 2013 [VIDEO]
.Have you ever had an old friend on your mind and get a phone call or text from them around the same time? Just the other day we were talking about my good buddy Wayne Swinny of Saliva, and I kid you not, around the time we were talking about him he sent me a text that said "Everybody's ge…
Saliva Live 2012 [PIX]
Our apologies for the tardiness of this gallery. Our buddy Wood captured Saliva's return to the stage with new singer Bobby Amaru. Check it out!
Saliva Announces New Singer [VIDEO]
Remember a few weeks back I told you guys about Josey's decision to leave Saliva and pursue a career in Christian music... Best of luck to you bro, much love
Saliva & Filter Blow Out Jake’s Backroom! [PICS]
I was quite disappointed when I was unable to take concert photos of the Saliva/Filter show Friday night, especially after hearing my son's review and the newest album.  But alas, my spirits have been lifted thanks once again to our Photo Wizard JOHN BERRY...

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