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“Spin The Bottle” Game Goes Bad [VIDEO]
I guess the best stuff from "Saturday Night Live" is no longer live. Here's another killer recorded short that I'm sure will be making the rounds. At issue is a game of "Spin The Bottle" that keeps going wrong. It doesn't go a little wrong either,…
Saturday Night Live-Not So Much (VIDEO)
D.V.R.s and Saturday night live were made for each other.  You can skip the slow parts (and for me ANYTHING with Kristen Wiig).  Well, this week there was a LOT to skip.  Guest host Katy Perry added pretty much nothing to this week proceedings. Perry appeared in relatively few skits, …
Andre The Giant Gets An Ice Cream [VIDEO]
Man the internet has made Saturday Night Live so much more bearable. This show has always been so hit or miss that it's great that you can just go grab a couple of highlights the next day. I did turn on for a few minutes after a movie Saturday night and one skit really caught my attention. Mo…
Ben Stiller Knocks Two Out Of The Park On SNL [VIDEO]
For me, Ben Stiller is a hit or miss kind of guy.  I can't get into most of his movies, but Zoolander and Starsky and Hutch are two of my favorites.  Imagine my surprise when Ben brought Derek Zoolader to SNL!  Read more after the jump.
Michael Bolton is Finally Cool [VIDEO]
Have you heard of the (comedy) band The Lonely Island? The band features Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone. All of Saturday Night Live fame. Their music is as good as it is funny. Well, they're back with a new song/video that features Michael Bolton.
Jon Hamm, Jimmy Fallon Are ‘The Ambiguously Gay Duo’ [VIDEO]
'Saturday Night Live' got a blast from the past over the weekend when it brought back the popular animated sketch 'The Ambiguously Gay Duo' for the first time in years.
Only this time, it was a little different. Thanks to a devious flesh ray, the ambiguously gay Ace and Gary were …

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