A New Look At “Pacific Rim” Here [VIDEO]
It's crazy how far out they're promoting movies these days. Think about it, it's January and this film doesn't hit until July! That's nuts. Anyways, they hype is working. It's robots versus monsters in "Pacific Rim". More after the jump.
Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters Trailer [VIDEO]
If I was a studio exec and somebody brought this concept to me, I would have laughed them out of the office. Thanks goodness I'm not in charge because this looks FUN! It's obviously way over the top with steam punk weapons, scaly witch and action movie cliches. More after the jump.
Prometheus May Be The Greatest Sci-Fi Movie Ever
I had a chat with a listener once.  He said he had just seen Tool and he felt like he'd never need to ever see a concert again. He found the experience so awesome and so unmatchable it was just pointless to even try.  That is how I feel about Prometheus.  More after the jump.
Prometheus Trailer [VIDEO]
Bloody Disgusting managed to snag the trailer for the new Ridley Scott's "Prometheus".  The movie looks to be the new definition of "Epic".  This is Ridley's return to space after the "Alien" series.  The look is visually a lot like "Alien" but apparently the …