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AMC’s ‘Preacher’ Renewed For Expanded Season 2
If the unilateral praise for AMC’s Preacher weren’t enough to guarantee a second season, certainly its wealth of talent and AMC’s bare-bones slate would guarantee it a spot, right? Either way, consider Preacher Jesse Custer officially booked to spread the word of God for Season …
‘Preacher’ Got a Call From Tom Cruise Over its Pilot Gag
For all its initial trailers and pilot reviews, AMC’s Preacher has done a serviceable job of keeping its pilot under wraps, save for one widely-reported gag that emerged out of SXSW screenings. The bit even appears to have caught the attention of Tom Cruise, as Seth Rogen reveals that the act…
Check Out The Trailer To “Neighborhood Watch” Here! [VIDEO]
The starts of Dodgeball are back together.  Ben Stiller & Vince Vaughn team up with Jonah Hill (Superbad/Moneyball) for a new comedy this summer.  The guys start a neighborhood watch group just to get out of the house and then stumble on some real trouble.  More after the jump…
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Recreate Star Wars [VIDEO]
There have been many different fan made versions of Star Wars, but none better than the one Simon Pegg and Nick Frost did for CollegHumor. Take a look at their version of the George Lucas classic, and get a bonus trailers for Paul, when you click through.
The Green Hornet
The Green Hornet (and not much else) hits theaters this weekend.  Funnyman Seth Rogen joins with Jay Chou to bring this emerald dynamic duo to life.  Check out the trailer.