Maximum Katy Perry Boobs/Minimum Katy Perry Music [VIDEO]
I don't believe that Katy Perry has any talent.  I think she is a real life Barbie Doll and media types created a persona for her and plugged her in where they thought would be best.  You may differ, but until I see something that is really "live" and not partially l…
Heathen Lists “The Weirdest Condoms” [AUDIO]
Condoms are obviously necessary to spread the transmission of disease and to help plan unwanted pregnancies.  It's for those reason that people deal with the ridiculousness of the situation.  To stop everything and put a balloon on your business can make for an awkward (but important) few moments.  …
Would You Wear Expensive Pootie Feathers? [AUDIO/VIDEO]
Um, this one is a little off color, but I guess you knew that from the title. In this age it's quite common for some ladies to take the "landscaping" down to nothing. This brings up the question, if you take the landscape down to nothing, why would you want to put astroturf on…
Something Special For Our Soldiers [AUDIO]
ANYTHING to make our soldiers lives better is good by me.  Even if that ANYTHING is a somewhat odd sex sleeve.  Maybe we should just wait until you click through for any more details.
Chaz Bono Wants A Pocket Pork Pistol [AUDIO]
I can't imagine how tough it much be for people who have gender issues. There's just so much meat and cutting involved to make "the change".  The latest to discuss his/her change is Chaz (Chasity) Bono. More after the jump.
Man Sets Record For Touching Boobs In Public [VIDEO]
What a scam this Russian kid has.  He sets out to touch the boobs of 1000 girls in public. Check out the amazing array of beauties that let this guy feel 'em up. I'll bet you can't make it through all 18+ minutes of the video.

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