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Smokin’ Poll: How Many Books Do You Read A Year?
A recent survey came out saying that young people (like post high school) read about one book a year.  That seems a little low to us.  There's a bazillion reasons not to read books. You may only prefer magazine length stuff, there may not be anything out that interests you and so on.&…
Smokin’ Poll: What Are You Doing For Halloween?
Will you be trick or treating?  Handing out treats? Are you headed out to a haunted house or a Halloween party?  Or do the authorities force you to stay in with the porch lights off on Halloween? More after the jump.
Smokin’ Poll: Have You Ever Seen A Ghost?
Ghosts are like honest politicians, some people swear they exist, but I've never saw one.  Ha. I just came up with that.  Funny right? Okay, sorry, I know some of you have seen ghosts, apparitions, dead relatives or whatever. We'd like to know a little more if you don't mind…
Smokin’ Poll: What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?
We had this question with the FMX staff not long ago.  If you care to, you itecan see those results here.  I'm more interested in what your thoughts are. So what's your favorite scary movie, or do we have favorite type of scary movie. More after the jump.
Smokin’ Poll: Where Was Your Last GREAT Restaurant Experience?
We're staying positive with this one. You may have had a couple bad experiences. You may have had nothing but great experiences. We're just thinking as managers come and go and as menus change, where you last had a good meal is more important than anything. More after the jump.
Smokin’ Poll: What Do You Drop Most Often?
Heathen mentioned that it always seems like he's dropping his keys.  Some of you can't hold onto a cell phone and for others, you're always juggling plates or bowls.  More after the jump.

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