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Smokin’ Poll: What’s The Most Dangerous Thing You’ve Done?
Everyone is talking about Flying Felix Baumgardener's world record leap from space.  Sure, it was dangerous. He could have caught on fire, exploded, or just crapped his suit.  I guess they tested to make sure the first two wouldn't happen, but who knows?  More after the jump…
Smokin’ Poll: What Would Be Your Dream Co-Headling Tour?
Everybody thought the Manson/Rob Zombie tour was a 'dream' match up.  As you may have heard, it's not looking good.  Among other thing, Zombie has two of Manson's former band members in his band, so it's not a real recipe for success.  None of that matters tho…
Smokin’ Poll: What’s Your Favorite Or Least Halloween Candy?
In the U.S. you can tell what holiday it is just by the type of candy on the shelves.  We have mints around X-mas, chocolates for Valentines, jelly beans for Easter and much more.  Halloween tends to be a bit more about the shape of the candy, rather than the type, but there's still a…
Smokin’ Poll: What Would Your Theme Song Be?
Let's pretend there's a t.v. show called "Life With (your name here)".  What would be the theme song that opens the show?  Would it be happy or sad, wild or wacky?  More after the jump.
Smokin’ Poll: What Was The First C.D. That You Bought?
C.d.s very well may be going the way of the dinosaur as they are gradually being replaced with downloads. Even then, I'm betting as a listener to FMX and The RockShow you have or at least had a pretty big c.d. collection.  More after the jump.
Smokin’ Poll: What’s The Best Excuse For Not Answering Your Phone?
I recently ported over all my contacts from my old phone to my new one (better yet, I had it done to me).  Well, somehow it brought over all kinds of numbers from Facebook friends and stuff.  The point is, now I have even more people to keep up with when my phone rings (because If I now ha…
Smokin’ Poll: How Often Do You Wash Your Car?
It's that time of year where we get a thundershower or two. Here in Lubbock that means the dirt from the other 11 months and 3 weeks of the year turns to mud and starts trashing up the cars.  More after the jump.
Smokin’ Poll: What Was Your Favorite Halloween Costume As A Kid?
Halloween "Trick Or Treating" is almost gone, but dressing up has never been more popular.  Some of the new costumes are crazy cool too (I really like the Spiderman Costumes with the muscles built in).  So, think back, whether it was just a few years ago or many moons ago…

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