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Smokin’ Poll: How Was The First Day Of School?
Even if you're not in school, you're affected by the first day of school. Even if you have to kids, you're going to have driving problems. Then there are those of you with kids in school; did they freak out?  We're looking for your answers.  Click through for more:
Smokin’ Poll: Do You Have A “Happy” Song?
Is there a song that can actually shake you out of bad mood.?  Maybe one that always pumps you up?  Sometimes we don't even realize how powerful music can be over our moods.  It's really hard to be depressed when you hear "Song 2" from Blur (Whooo-hooo!).&n…
Smokin’ Poll: Is Karaoke Good Or Bad?
It's official, 'karaoke' has now been around as long as college freshmen.  Meaning for a large segment of the population, it's been around their entire lifetime.  I can see a few ups and a few downs with this form of 'entertainment'.  We're looking f…
Smokin’ Poll: You Be The Masterchef!
I'm a sucker for cooking reality shows. Yes, I know how lame they are. I know how fake the drama is.  I just like watching people cook.  Well if you're like me, I'm going to give you a chance to be a Masterchef next!
Smokin’ Poll: What’s The Last Board Game You Played?
Heathen recently brought you the story of "Doggie-Doo" the game (if you missed it, click here).  Monopoly, Pictionary and the like still do some good business as well.  It seems a bit archaic to sit around a table or living room playing a board game, but I'm convince…
Smokin’ Poll: What Is The Manliest Place To Eat?
This is another question that came from an on air discussion. You've heard of places like "The Heartattack Grill" with their insanely meaty, fatty and awesome menus.  So what do you think is the manliest place to throw a munch in your neck of the woods?  More after t…

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