Sunday’s Supermoon Is The Sturgeon Moon
I guess now would be a good time to mention that most of the moon “names” come from the Algonquin tribe around the Great Lakes. This was the best moon for fishing around there. It is also know as the Green Corn moon, which not to be confused with next months Full Corn Moo…
Check Out “Space Oddity” Sung In Space [VIDEO]
This may be one of the coolest things ever.  It's Colonel Chris Hadfield filmed in the International Space Station singing the David Bowie classic.  Seriously, how cool is it to know that that guitar, those laptops are REALLY floating next to him while he does this.
Are You Ready For “Once In A Blue Moon”?
Coming up on the 31st of this month, we'll have a "Blue Moon".  Are you aware that a "Blue Moon" rarely has anything to do with the color of the moon?  In fact, the explanation of a "Blue Moon" is even a little weirder than that.&n…
What If Something WAS Found On The Moon? [VIDEO]
The Blair Witch Project is probably the most popular example of a "found footage" movie. The concept being that stuff happened that was filmed and the film tells the story from there. I think it's an effective story telling gimmick and I don't have a real big problem with…
Alan Sheppard Stamp [PICS]
How do I put this politely? Um the new stamp to commemorate Alan Sheppard's trip to space makes him look, uh, special? Yeah, really special.

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