spank bank

See Kate Upton Naked Here [VIDEO]
Holy purple paint Batman!  Kate Upton, buck naked, with just a layer of paint (and a computer monitor) between you and her.  This is drool worthy.  Click through for a behind the scenes look at Kate getting ready for some hot Sports Illustrated Action.
Woman REALLY Enjoys New Tattoo
If you are easily offended or underage, split NOW. This video has no nudity. It has no sex. It just features a woman getting a tattoo and evidently she like the feeling a whole bunch and over and over. More after the jump.
Kate Upton Meets Wet T-Shirt. We All Win.
I found a pretty cool video called "the Many Talents Of Kate Upton". I'm not real sure if there is any point to it or than giving you few minutes to check out out jaw-dropping hot this lady is.  Holy smokes Kate Upton has got it going on. There should be Kate Upton songs, Kate Upton Chicke…
Katherine Heigl Jigglefest
Yes the "Spank Bank" is open. I tripped across this video and it made a big impression on me. There was about six months there when Katherine Heigl was thought to be the hottest thing on the planet. She was the "Kate Upton" of her very limited time. Shortly after her rise to star…
Hot Girl Jumps Rope [VIDEO]
Yeah the video is a bit of a 'come on'. The description says here 'boob pops out'. That does not happen. There is no boob poppage here. There is a very beautiful, well-built young lady jumping rope for 26 seconds. She's very hot. More after the jump.
Top Three Slow Motion Movie Bouncing Breasts Scenes
Holy snikeys. I didn't realize there was so much jiggling going on on YouTube. It all started with the "Hot Girl" jumping rope and now we've ended up here. Evidently guys like bouncy breasts. Who knew? Certainly not me. I'm putting these out there as education videos…