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Aerosmith With Carrie Underwood: ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’ [VIDEO]
I know. I too, am dying inside as I hear this. I also know that some of you Aerosmith fans want to give them the benefit of a doubt. How can a band that rocked you so hard when you were coming up, a band that was so vital, a band that was so nasty, ever, ever, do anything wrong. Well they have, and …
Steven Tyler Sings Dream On On American Idol [VIDEO]
I don't watch American Idol, and in fact, I don't really know anybody who does. That's probably why we missed these two epic minutes. More after the jump.
Apparently right before the winner was announced they gave Steven Tyler a whopping two minutes to perform this Aerosmith classic.…
Steven Tyler Rocks The Country [VIDEO]
I am a confused ball of emotion. Do I get pissed that Steven Tyler played a country awards show (with a reality show twit) or do I give him props for rocking hard at the event.