Another “Big” D.V.D. Tuesday [VIDEO]
I guess I define "BIG" by how many movies hit d.v.d. that I want to watch, and I guess two or more qualifies.  We've got a couple of semi-blockbusters hitting shelves today.  Read more and check out the previews after the jump.
Suckerpunch Opens This Weekend [VIDEO]
I am PUMPED for this movie, as a lot of people are. I think this movie may have the impact of a movie like "The Crow" where everybody can relate, everyone dresses this way on Halloween, and everybody knows quotes from the movie. Girls will love it because it shows empowered femal…
Sucker Punch Trailer Looks Awesome [VIDEO]
This film looks amazing. The plot sounds awesome too. Somehow girls in a mental asylum fight battles in an alternate reality in order to escape. Check out a badass trailer after the jump.