The Superbowl Is Bad For Your Bladder [AUDIO]
Hey playa, there's a reason it hurts or feels uncomfortable when you gotta pee.  That reason is your body telling you it's going to get messed up if you don't release the water.  You could EXPLODE!  Okay, maybe not explode, but it's not healthy to let it linger.&nb…
Crazy Superbowl Bets That You Can Make [AUDIO]
I can understand how a little "action" on the side can add extra excitement to the big game, but what if you and your friends are all pulling for the same team?  Maybe you can find something other than the outcome to bet on.  As a matter of fact, there are lost of things …
Smokin’ Poll: Should The Superbowl Be Moved To Saturday?
I don't have to tell you guys that Superbowl Sunday is a big party day.  Even if you don't drink it can leave you worn out from all the ups and downs of the day.  Part of the fun seems to be talking about it the next day, but is it worth going to work all ragged out?  So our…
Kia Premieres Full Motley Crue Super Bowl Commercial
Last week we told you about the Kia Super Bowl commercial that features a montage of Motley Crue, supermodel Adriana Lima and MMA fighter Chuck Liddell. Kia isn’t making you wait for the Super Bowl to see it though, as they’ve debuted the full commercial online (ch…
The Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads of All Time [VIDEOS]
Super Bowl ads tend to have more longevity than traditional commercials thanks to their large budgets, creative freedom and overall goal to keep you glued to the TV between quarters. Some, however, aren't remembered for the joy they brought but rather for the public outcry they produced.
Superbowl Hangover [VIDEO]
While everyone is talking about that hottie messing up the National Anthem, the funny commercials and the Packers winning the title, I'm thinking about how in the hell I'm going to get rid of this hangover.

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