New Survivor Tonight [VIDEO]
I am soooo ready for a new season of Survivor.  This time the men and women live on the same beach but are separate tribes.  This ought to ratchet up the paranoia about one million percent. Adding to that is a new twist with the immunity idol(s).  More after the jump.
You Can Bid on One Stank-Ass Bikini [AUDIO]
Whitney Duncan will be auctioning off the bikini she wore on Survivor.  She wore the bikini for a lot of her 39 days on the island. Yeah, she's hot, but we're not real excited about this.  heck out the story and the pic after the jump.
Survivor Week 11-Recap
Ozzy and the Geek Cochrane are on Redemption Island, six are back at camp.  Everyone got to see a message from home.  Ozzy wins again, Cochrane is headed to the jury. The rest of the recap after the jump.
Survivor Week Nine: Let’s Roast The Geek!
Cochrane switched sides on the vote, because otherwise his personal fate would have been decided by drawing rocks and he didn't like the odds. In my opinion it was the correct move, but his former tribe-mates are MAD!  That vote sent Keith to redemption island, he will be given an opportun…
Survivor Week Eight: The Tribes Merge
Ozzy arrived at Redemption Islands and told Christine that he was there due to Cochran. He, of course, was there of his own volition in hopes of beating Christine and getting back in the game. All of this was a setup in case of a merge. The biggest problem is that the opposing team doesn't buy Ozzy…
Survivor Week Five: The Fight To Stay Alive
Survivor week five is here and stuff is shaking out. I especially love it at this point in the game. Once you've lost 3-4 players it's easier to keep up with everybody and plot strategy.
Over on redemption island Christine and Stacy played to see who stayed in the game. It's a pretty cool ball rolle…
Survivor Week Four: The Killing Floor
Survivor week four. "He's got Hantz in his pants and he needs to dance."
The episode started with Ozzie's tribe plotting against each other. A couple have teamed up to oust "Elyse" a girl they suspect may be a little too close to their leader.
Back on Coach's team, Brandon Hantz co…
Survivor Week 3 Recap
Welcome to week three. This week on Survivor will bring us the first "Battle Of Redemption Island". It should also bring repercussions against Brandon for lying last week (and revealing it at tribal council.
Survivor South Pacific Debuts Tonight [VIDEO]
My house goes on lock down when Survivor is on.  Sorry, I'm a big time geek for the show.  I love discussing the strategy and the backstabbing that goes on. I only like the "Redemption" theme that will be continued this season.  Read more after the break.
Survivor Launches Wednesday Night [VIDEO]
I am giddy like a little girl. Survivor is not only my favorite show, but the return of Boston Rob and MY HERO Russell and the new twist make this season the complete package. Keep reading to see a glimpse of why I'm so pumped for this season.

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