Taproot Throws Down In The FMX Studios [VIDEO]
The Ann Arbor, Michigan four piece band finally got their chance to play here in Lubbock after their first two attempts fell through. The third time was the charm, as the boys sat down with us in the studios.
Taproot Cuts Deep In New Song “The Everlasting”
Taproot are back and are reaching even deeper to bring you rock with meaning.  The new song "The Everlasting" seems to be a cross between the events of September 11th and a relationship.  The song comes off as Taproot meets U2 and it's absolutely chilling.  More…
Nonpoint & Taproot To Make Lubbock Stop
We've always had a special relationship with Nonpoint.  They even bailed us out of jam when we lost a Birthday Bash band.  There cover of "In The Air Tonight" redefined a classic (and in my opinion kept Godsmack from releasing their version).  Taproot is also we…