New Texas Drivers Required to Take Distracted Driving Class
If you are 18-24 or over 24 and have never had a license in Texas you now get to take yet another course.
The Texas DPS is now requiring all new licensees to take a two-hour online course in distracted driving.  Distracted driving has become a huge problem in the last few years thanks to cell ph…
You Won’t Believe What Delinquent Teens Are Into Now [AUDIO]
Ah, those frisky teens. What with their switchblades and twistin' around the maltshop. There's just no telling what kind of fads their going to latch onto next. You'd think they'd have thought of all the ways to be hoodlums that are possible, but you'd be wrong!
Half Of Teens Would Rather Be Online Than Driving [AUDIO]
Times are changing. Sure it's a constant thing, but for the last sixty years or so, the ultimate goal for a teen was to get a drivers license.  A drivers license represented freedom and so much more.  The "much more" is the point of today's story.  More aft…