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Looks Like Cyborg Will Definitely Be in ‘The Flash’ Movie
The DC cinematic universe at this point is its own Gordian Knot of rumors and threads of rumors that are rarely legit and usually peter out and go nowhere. On the other hand, Rick Famuyiwa just confirmed one of these rumors on his Twitter, where he posted a photo yesterday of the latest draft of The…
Batman Isn’t the Only DC Superhero in ‘Suicide Squad’
Suicide Squad is a film about DC super-villains tasked with defeating something more evil than their sinister forces combined, so we weren’t exactly expecting a bunch of those pesky superheroes to show up and spoil their fun. We already knew that Ben Affleck’s Batman has a small role i…
Select Your Superhero In “Injustice: Gods Among US”.
Man, this looks like a smokin' game. It should be called "D.C. Superhero's all up in you business Mortal Combat Freaky Styley". I guess that name might have been a bit long, but just watching this trailer will give you goosebumps. More after the jump.