the ugly truth

The Ugly Truth: About Public Restrooms [VIDEO]
This is a video about needing to go to the bathroom, BAD.  I pretty sure it's a little gross and probably has some bad language in it. This type of monologue is VERY offensive to some, so don't watch it if you think it may bother you.  More after the jump.
The Ugly Truth: The Night Rooster Set His Balls On Fire [VIDEO]
Yeah, you read that headline correctly.  I don't mean "balls" as baseballs, basketballs or softballs.  I am talking real life testicles here.  The next thing you need to know before you become engrossed in this story is HE DID IT ON PURPOSE.  So what would …
The Ugly Truth: About Death [VIDEO]
Not all deaths are tragic.  Some are unexpected. Some are funny.  I think it's time we learn the difference.  Somebody who has been a good person all their life being hit by a car is tragic.  Somebody overdosing on pills and falling asleep in the bathtub, maybe not so tragic.  A serviceman who just …
The Ugly Truth: About Birthdays [NSFW]
Guess who's having a birthday? Save it.  Birthdays aren't special any more than say Thursdays are special. I've got a few opinions on birthdays and age for you coming up after the jump.
The Ugly Truth: Whales [VIDEO]
It's an "extra" Ugly Truth.  I guess maybe it's not an "extra" since I don't do them on any real regular basis; I just wait for stuff to build up in my head until it has to spill out.  Today I had one thing I knew I'd have to get off …