10 Awesome Videos Of Things Blowing Up
We all love to watch things blow up. Why is this?  Because, as humans, we are destructive in nature. Now that everyone has a camera phone, and you can get on the internet everywhere, it makes it super easy to not only watch, but also capture video of these things exploding.  So kick back w…
Awesome Guy Photoshops Celebs Into His Holiday Party
As anyone who’s remotely tech savvy knows, Photoshop can spice up even the most run-of-the-mill image. One Imgur user appears to have put image editing software to good use by placing random celebrities in his holiday party photos, turning the affair into a star-studded event.
10 Badass Fictional Characters In Popular Music
Throughout all of history music has been there to tell stories.  It has told takes of war, love and heartbreak.  We aren’t looking at that boring stuff though.  We want to take a look at some of the most bad ass fictional characters in music.
We have spanned genres and time to come up with 10 charact…
Top 100 First World Problems [VIDEO]
I've never heard of Scooter Magruder before, but he hit it out of the park with this one.  While people in other countries worry that they may be killed in their sleep, we worry about little things here in the U.S. (and other first world areas).  Check out the list after the jump.
Learn Your Sloth Name With This Handy Name Generator
Sloths are a hot commodity right now and name generators (like the blues name generator) have been a constant source of entertainment on the internet. So, imagine our surprise — nay, our unbridled glee — when we discovered a sloth name generator!