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Tony Romo Will Retire to Start a Career in Broadcasting
Accoring to and Adam Schefter, Tony Romo will retire from the NFL and start a career in broadcasting.
Romo has received interest from CBS, Fox and NBC, and can choose to be a color commentator where he wants. The CBS job would likely pair him with Jim Nantz and the Fox job would see Romo tak…
The Many Faces of Tony Romo
Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo has come under fire once again for choking under pressure. Many critics agree that Romo has the talent to win the big games, he just doesn't have the "fire".
The Painman Looks for Tony Romo’s Replacement [AUDIO]
First things first, I am not a Cowboys fan, I'm a die hard, always loyal Houston Texans fan...regardless of how good or bad we may be. However, following the Dallas Cowboys collapse against the New York Jets, I decided to take it upon myself to help my 2nd favorite team find a new quarterback.