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RockShow Threesome: Why Women Moan During Sex [AUDIO]
Hey sick puppies!  Thanks for visiting this audio catbox full of chunks of our radio doodies!  Each day we bring you three big lumps from the show, you might smile, you might learn something or you might be mad you wasted your time.  As that dumbass Gump said, "you just never…
Man Pounds Porpoise On The Beach [AUDIO]
So, what do you think this story is about?  Do you think it's about sea mammal abuse, or personal abuse.  Well I'll give you a second to make up your mind.  Okay, now click through.
Man Performs Service For Return Of Phone [AUDIO]
You can't even prepare yourself for this story. A man has his cell phone stolen.  The man agrees to do something to get it back, and the rest you have to hear. This is one for the record books.  More after the jump.
Girl Unfairly Arrested For Being Awesome [AUDIO]
What could a woman do that's so awesome and still get arrested?  Well in this particular case I'm just going to tease you into you listen to the report.  Let your mind run wild then click through for the story.
Yet Another Ho-Hum Taiwanese Hooker Story [AUDIO]
We now start each days weird stories with "The Too Naughty News" at about 5:50.  You see, before 6:00 a.m. we can do pretty much anything we want to (within reason).  So, we reserved the really gross or really sexual or really demented stuff for that time.  With that…