tornado sirens

Tornado Sirens Part IV: How Money Could Be Better Spent
Over two million dollars for tornado sirens.  Maybe even double that for the size of Lubbock.  Yeah, you're a bit "shell shocked" because you've seen recent damage in Oklahoma, but are you really increasing your odds of not falling victim to some non health rela…
Tornado Sirens Part 2: A Dumb Solution For Dumb Animals
Evidently a local t.v. station has decided to make putting "tornado sirens" a news story, when the bulk of Lubbock could give a crap. It's a typical sixth grade solution for a sixth grade audience. LOUD NOISES. How this station succeeds by appealing to the lowest common denomi…
Tornado Sirens…What’s The Deal?
Alright, I've heard a lot of stuff going on about tornado sirens and the seemingly large lack of support for them here in the Hub. So what's the deal here people? Let's discuss.