Marines Drink Cobra Blood in Training Exercise
The Armed Forces will do anything to give our fighting men and women an edge. Apparently, that includes some training exercises that would be right at home on ‘Fear Factor.‘
During the joint drill ‘Cobra Gold,’ which takes place annually in Thailand with our Asian allies, Marines from the 1st Battali…
U.S. Navy Seals Save Two Hostages, Kill Nine Assbags.
U.S. Navy Seals Are The Honeybadgers Of The World! Have them go after Bin Laden? Have them rescue a hostage? The U.S. Navy seals will do it and just not give a sh!t!  They are badass incarnate and hopefully the way of the future.
I had to start this blog out fun because my over the top patriotism mig…
Matador Support The Troops Donation Drive
Buy a bag of jerky (at a greatly discounted price) and it will be sent to servicemen and women from our area.  It's just a little "taste of home" but it means to much to the soldiers that you thought of them.  More on how you can help (and taste yourself) aft…
Don’t Judge Marines Too Quickly
A video has recently made the rounds of four Marines urinating on the corpses of what are supposed to be Taliban fighters. This isn't cool, it isn't pleasant, it isn't called for, but it is understandable. Yeah, I said it. The soldiers urinating on dead enemy soldiers is wrong, but co…
Bring Our Troops Home
It's time to call it a "win" in Afghanistan. We got the man we wanted to get, we can pack up now. Read more after the break.