True Blood

‘True Blood’ Review: “Death Is Not the End”
‘True Blood’ season 7 spurts out its 4th episode of the final year, “Death Is Not the End,” as Eric and Pam return to Bon Temps just in time for Sookie, Bill and the others to mount a rescue mission at Fangtasia against the infected vampires, with deadly consequences.
Wanna See “Pam” From “True Blood” Naked?
I think every guy over 30 has a thing for Pam from "True Blood".  She's the Barbie Doll-like Dominatrix who runs "Fangtasia"  (for Eric) on True Blood.  Those of us with a discerning eye not only like her sly meanness, but her amazing hourglass…
What Would A ‘Baby’ Vampire Do?
WWJD?  What would Jessica do?  Jessica is the 'baby' vampire on the show True Blood.  Let's now drop the 'baby' thing, because Jessica is a SMOKIN' HOT REDHEADED WOMAN.  So, let's say you're young, hot, and a new vampire in a world that is …
True Blood Season 5
Remember a few weeks ago i told you guys about Woody's secret obsession with True Blood, and how she sucked me in by sneaking off to watch it alone, which naturally got my curiosity up.
True Blood Season 5 Starts Next Month on HBO: I’m Pumped!
Guys, how many times have you been nudged in the middle of the night because your woman heard a noise? What about being forced to get up out of bed and search the house, the closets, and under the beds because your child had a bad dream? Come on men say it with me, been there, done that!
The New Battleship Movie Trailer Is Out [VIDEO]
Do you remember where you were when you heard they were making a movie based on the game "Battleship?" I do and I thought, how? Well apparently the answer to "how?" is by using the name only. This is a military vs. aliens kind of movie now. At least it has Rihanna…

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