Pour Some Gravy On Me [VIDEO]
I have found some disturbing stuff online. This little parody video is among the tops.  It's just :30 seconds long and done in the style of "Ren & Stimpy".  Click through.
Be A Man-Learn To Carve A Turkey [VIDEO]
Would it really kill you to spend a few minutes learning to carve a turkey?  I did and trust me it's worth your time. It's one of those "man skills" that makes you look good at the holiday separation (even if the in-laws think you're not good enough for them and…
“Butter Bake” Your Turkey Like The Old Days [VIDEO]
While trolling the internet I found these two classic commercials.  I guess they were paid for my some kind of Butter Consortium or something. Anyways, you might be able to actually pick up some tips on keep your bird juicy with these clips.