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The Ugly Truth About Bullriding [VIDEO]
Championship Bull Riding returns to Lubbock February 4th. It's my opinion that this sport is "more metal" than most. Ditch that hats and belt buckles and follow me on my video ride next.
The Ugly Truth About Horses [VIDEO]
I think horses may take over the world. It's going to be like "Planet Of The Apes" except with horses.  The horses are just going to use the monkeys for their opposable thumbs.
The Ugly Truth About Jewelry [VIDEO]
You don't get "something for nothing" ever.  Not ever.  There's always a catch, a payback or some type of implicit agreement. I think the gift of jewelry is predicated on implied or expressed sexual favors.  Read more after the jump.
The Ugly Truth About Creation [VIDEO]
Today, on the Ugly Truth,  I wanted to talk about creation and how I think there was some room for improvement. I think I made it through this one without profanities, but the topic itself is a little touchy. Enjoy at your own risk.
The Ugly Truth About the Great American Smokeout [VIDEO]
I just don't think any organization has a right to tell you what to do. They can inform, they can inspire, but at a certain point a line has to be drawn.
Please be aware that I use A LOT of profanities.  That's why I encourage you to read this warning sign:
The Ugly Truth About Eating Utensils [VIDEO/NSFW]
I taped this one a couple of days ago and I'm still "hot" about the subject matter. Do you every feel like something makes sense to you, but the rest of the world just "doesn't get it?"  I feel that way all the time.
The Ugly Truth About Oral Fixations [NSFW/VIDEO]
People engage is some nasty behavior in private.  Trust me, as a part-time business owner who has to rent port-a-potties once a year, I know just how nasty you are when you aren't being held accountable.

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