‘Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective’ Mobile Game Review
The fact that a game is great on a DS doesn’t mean its iOS port will be as impressive, or even playable. Some people yearn for Nintendo-sanctioned Mario Kart or Metroid to come to mobile, but that prospect sickens us. Some games just require buttons. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, though, is on the…
‘House of the Dead 4′ Game Review
Here’s a little history lesson for you kids out there — In the 90′s, light gun games were at the zenith of their popularity. Games like Lethal Enforcers and Virtua Cop lined the arcades.
New Video Game Releases – May 2012
New video game releases in May 2012 belong to Payne. Rockstar Games is bringing back everyone’s favorite brooding, dual-wielding, painkiller-addicted cop Max Payne, and the month rightfully revolves around him. Rockstar releases are almost national holidays at this point and Max Payne 3 should be n…
Resident Evil 6 Gets $1,300 Premium Edition
Capcom has just announced the Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition, which has to be the most expensive video game special edition of all time. It costs 105,000 yen, which sounds like a lot of money and it certainly is- $1291.50 by this morning’s exchange rate.

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